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Ambassador Health provides a wide continuum of care. From active seniors looking for independent living villas to adults needing in-patient physical therapy following a surgery or parents of small children looking for advanced pediatric pulmonary care, we provide a variety of skilled healthcare programs and services.

For more than three decades, Ambassador Health's Adult Pulmonary Programs in Omaha and Lincoln have provided premier pulmonary care in a nurturing, private environment.  Whether your goal is short-term pulmonary and ventilator support or an extended stay, Ambassador Health will provide you with the highest level of care outside of the acute, hospital setting.Read more

For the majority of individuals, independence is something that is highly valued. Ambassador Health Assisted Living recognizes how difficult the loss of independence can be and tailors our care services to allow each resident the independence that he/she so desires.Read more

Selecting an extended care residence for yourself or a loved one is an overwhelming and difficult decision. When the time arises for your or your loved one to receive additional care, Ambassador Health is ready to provide that care in a loving, home-like environment.Read more

If you prefer to receive individualized nursing and rehabilitative care in the comfort of your own home, then Ambassador Health at Home is the ideal fit for your needs. Ambassador Health offers a full line of in-home care services to allow you to remain safe and independent in your own home.Read more

Retirement is intended to be fun, carefree, and relaxing.  Ambassador Health Independent Living Villas offer a unique way of life for individuals over age 62 or couples with a combined age of over 115.  Ambassador Health Independent Living is the ideal solution for seniors who are ready to enjoy retirement living, without the hassle and worry of caring for a home.Read more

Ambassador Health Pediatrics was specifically designed to assist children recovering from an injury, illness, or complications from a premature birth transition from the hospital to home.  Since 1997,  Ambassador Health Pediatrics has served as one of only a handful of specialized pediatric units in the region that provides intensive rehabilitation, education, and extended care to the youngest of patients.Read more

Ambassador Health offers a high-level of skilled professionals to assist your loved one in safely transitioning back home or to an assisted living or independent living facility following an illness or injury. We believe in a team-based wellness approach to ensure your loved one a comfortable and timely recovery.Read more

If you find yourself or a loved one in need of a health care facility that is able to treat and heal wounds at the same time as providing short-term rehabilitation or extended care, then Ambassador Health is just the place you’re looking for.Read more

In today’s fast-paced society, an individual’s wellness can sometimes be placed on the backburner in an attempt to reach other, more important demands and deadlines. This mentality can lead to a lifetime of poor decisions that negatively affect a person’s overall well-being.Read more