Important COVID-19 Information

Important COVID-19 Information

Important COVID-19 Information


Ambassador Health of Nebraska City: 

07/03/2020 -- All additional resident and team member COVID-19 test results were received, and all tests are negative. The campus currently has no positive active COVID-19 cases, including the one resident that initially tested positive but tested negative soon thereafter. No residents or team members are displaying signs and symptoms of the virus. 

06/27/2020 -- Ambassador Health of Nebraska City received confirmation that one assisted living resident tested positive for COVID-19. Although the individual was not receiving care on-site at the time, Ambassador Health immediately employed it’s COVID-19 emergency response plan and began testing all residents and team members in the assisted living and skilled nursing facility. At this time, no residents or team members are displaying signs and symptoms of the virus.

As part of the emergency response plan, Ambassador Health has initiated the highest level of COVID-19 precautions throughout its entire care campus, which includes COVID-level PPE and quarantine.  Ambassador Health has notified all of its residents and their representatives of the one positive case and the mitigating actions that are being taken as a result. Residents and team members who may have had contact with the resident were advised on the proper precautions to take. Ambassador Health continues to closely monitor for signs and symptoms of new illness and is requiring additional testing and quarantine as needed.

Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, the health of our residents and team members has remained our top priority. Since the beginning of March, Ambassador Health has restricted visitors and non-essential personnel from entering our care campus, stopped communal dining and group activities, and has monitored for signs and symptoms of illness among residents and team members.

Ambassador Health is strictly following infection control protocols set forth by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), Nebraska DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) and Nebraska ICAP (Infection Control Assessment and Promotion Program). We have and will continue to be in very close communication with local and state health officials to ensure we are taking all of the appropriate steps at this time and going forward.


It is Ambassador Health's top priority to keep our patients, residents, team members, and families safe and healthy. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we have made changes to our visitation policy. Ambassador Health has no suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases at this time. Your continued support of our actions to prevent the virus from entering our care campuses is greatly appreciated.

Until further notice, NO VISITORS or non-essential health care personnel will be permitted to enter an Ambassador Health care campus. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has informed all nursing facilities across the country to restrict visitors, with exceptions for compassionate care (e.g.. end-of-life situations) and non-essential personnel in order to protect those patients and residents that are at the highest risk for complications from the virus. This measure is based on the newest recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Ambassador Health understands the vital importance of keeping residents engaged with loved ones and encourages alternative means of communication for people who would otherwise visit, such as virtual communications (e.g. phone, video-communication). In addition, Ambassador Health has increased our efforts to keep residents’ loved ones informed about their care. Consistent communication with our residents and their loved ones is key during this time, and Ambassador Health is more dedicated than ever to insuring the safety, comfort, and overall well-being of those who have chosen us for their healthcare needs.


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