Dr. Arif Sattar, MD - Skilled Services Medical Director
Dr. Sean Barry, MD - Pulmonary Medical Director
Ben Eddy, LNHA - Chief Executive Officer/Administrator
Suzanne Braaten, RN - Director of Clinical Services
Tracey McChargue, LCSW - Director of Social Services
Gina Rakes, LPN - Admissions Coordinator


Dr. Dean Thomson, MD - Medical Director
Shannon Borer, LNHA, CALA - Chief Executive Officer/Administrator
Tammy Osborn, RN, BSN - Director of Clinical Services
Jessica Crunk & Joyce Harpster - Co-Directors of Social Services
Shawn Stukenholtz, RN - Admissions Coordinator & Resident Service Coordinator (Assisted Living)


Dr. Rebecca Wester, MD - Skilled Services Medical Director
Dr. Paul Sammut, MD - Pediatric Medical Director
Dr. Chris Shehan, MD - Pulmonary Medical Director
David Williamson - Chief Executive Officer/Administrator
Polly Stern, RN, BSN - Director of Clinical Services
Kim Eby, LCSW - Director of Social Services
Tanya Forbush, LPN - Admissions Coordinator


Dr. Michael Ourada, MD - Medical Director
Jim Scott - Interim Chief Executive Officer/Administrator
Jaylyn Sayler, RN - Interim Director of Clinical Services
Dawn Collins, RN - Director of Social Services


Timothy Juilfs - President
Tyler Juilfs - Chief Operating Officer
Tammy Jeanneret - Chief Information Officer
Brent Shanholtz - Chief Financial Officer
Annette Pankoke, RN - Corporate Director of Clinical Services
Abigail Meredith - Corporate Director of Human Resources
Stephanie Farmer - Corporate Director of Customer Relations